Gracie Fishhawk Team Headed to Miami

Gracie Fishhawk and Gracie Brandon coaches are headed to Miami to compete in the Five Grappling tournament Saturday November 8th. Good luck Josh, Jeremy, Travis, Dylan and Avery. According to the Five website free live streaming of the North American Invitational Championship is available.

Victor ToddGracie Fishhawk Team Headed to Miami

Lessons I’ve Learned After One Year at Gracie Tampa

Just about a year ago, me, my wife, and son moved to Tampa, FL. In part we wanted a new climate, plus her parents are down here. But another reason (probably the biggest for me) was to be able to train full-time with Rob Kahn, the owner and head instructor for Gracie Tampa. Since being here for almost a year, …

sonnyjitsuLessons I’ve Learned After One Year at Gracie Tampa

The Benefits of Private Lessons

Hello my name is Taylor and this is a blog entry to inform people on the benefits to taking private lessons here at Gracie Tampa. First, as a student with a busy schedule it can be hard to commit to a concrete schedule. By taking private lessons with an instructor, it allows a student to learn and train on their …

Victor ToddThe Benefits of Private Lessons