Ninja & Gladiator Kids Summer Camps

Registration is now open for Gracie Fishhawk’s martial arts summer camp!

Gladiator camp is June 20th – 24th and July 4th – 8th.

Gladiators will receive a sword, shield and helmet!

Ninja camp is July 11th -15th and August 1st – 5th.

Ninjas will receive a sword, nun chucks, throwing stars, sai and a ninja mask!

Gracie Fishhawk’s summer camps are for learning self-defense in a fun and safe atmosphere. Camp also builds confidence, self-esteem, discipline, respect and so much more.  Ages 5 – 10. Please bring your own breakfast and lunch, snacks will be provided. Please wear gym shorts and a t-shirt. Register by June 5th. All camps are $135 for the week. Gracie Fishhawk members receive a discount. Limited space so register today!

Victor ToddNinja & Gladiator Kids Summer Camps

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