The Benefits of Private Lessons

Hello my name is Taylor and this is a blog entry to inform people on the benefits to taking private lessons here at Gracie Tampa.

First, as a student with a busy schedule it can be hard to commit to a concrete schedule. By taking private lessons with an instructor, it allows a student to learn and train on their own time.

Secondly, private lessons ensure that the student is utilizing proper technique in every grappling scenario, by having a 1 on 1 practice environment directly with that instructor. Private lessons are also a great way for students to review prior skills obtained directly with an experienced coach.

Thirdly, as a new student it can sometimes be uncomfortable to ask questions in a class environment. Our private lessons give the student the ability to ask as many questions as they desire, with the instructor thoroughly answering the question before moving forward with the class.

Lastly, instructors teaching private lessons tailor their lessons around an individual’s wants and needs, to ensure maximum growth in the discipline the student is interested in.

If you are interested in Private Lessons with our AWESOME Instructors here at Gracie Tampa, please shoot us an E-Mail!!

Victor ToddThe Benefits of Private Lessons

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